Bob Landry

Bob Landry

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First Name * Bob
Last Name * Landry
Username * ub52
Country * USA
City El Cajon
Nationality American



My artistic interests were instilled in me by my Father, who passed away in 1991. He was a well known traditional watercolorist in San Diego. Somehow I missed that particular gene, or else it mutated into other forms of expression, for while I desparately desire to be able to express myself that way it has always been an extreme struggle. So, at that age of 53 I'm am nothing more than a digital graphics hobbiest when it comes to artistic expression, although you could probably add to that one of the following adjectives: nut, junkie, geek, wannabe, poser.

Aside from digital art, I also enjoy wood working, especially as it applies to guitars. I worked for a while in the 70's with Bob Moze of Moze Guitars in San Diego. He had a small shop one block from the corner of College and El Cajon Blvd. His current store is located 5 mile from the original in downtown La Mesa on La Mesa Ave. I had a great time working there.

Currently I'm employed by a relatively large company here in San Diego which produces chip sets for the telecommunications industry(read: cell phones). I design printed circuit boards for proto typing and testing new chip sets. It's a pretty exciting field which pays pretty well, so I'm probably one of the few here who are not actvely seeking employment
in the 3d/Graphics/Entertainment industry.


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